Ohio Valley Financial Group is joining with BankTrust Financial to create the new Field & Main Bank. Here are helpful answers to some of the questions you may have.

01 | Why the merger?

We love the idea and art of reinventing banking — we’ll call it modern craft banking. We believe this strong partnership will yield a better bank.

02 | Why are two banks in the same community joining forces?

As it becomes more difficult to tell one bank from another, there is a renewed respect for craft. To us, this passion is very personal. Ohio Valley Financial Group is joining with BankTrust Financial to create the new Field & Main Bank, with person-to-person relationships that prove the craft of banking is full of possibilities. A fusion of common, yet somewhat forgotten values and modern progress, Field & Main will be investing something more than money into customers; we’ll invest time, compassion, energy and commitment. Rather than making banking merely necessary, we’re going to make it interesting and engaging.

03 | But who is Field & Main Bank?

Field & Main Bank will be your Kentucky-chartered community bank dedicated to serving Kentucky and Indiana with strong leadership, convenient banking facilities and new modern craft banking.

04 | What is Modern Craft Banking?

It’s time for something unique, and better. We’re moving away from the typical and often impersonal banking experience and toward a carefully crafted one, reclaiming individuality, taking more time, doing a better job at listening, being more flexible like a bank should be and being a real favorite in the community again. This will become evident as you see changes to our facilities, which break down some of the barriers that will lead to better personal interactions with your banker. Field & Main is here to be strong. Give back. Be different. We’re enthusiastic about what lies ahead because we stand for these values, we follow our instinctive soul and we have a complete heart for service. We’re creating a new way of banking, unlike anything you can imagine, that’s sensitively crafted to serve your every need. We call it Modern Craft Banking.

05 | Why change the bank name?

We could have just chosen one of our existing bank names. And we see the value of hanging on to our rich heritage, but we want to communicate amazing ideas and ambitious thinking too. Naturally, with our vision for Modern Craft Banking, we need a new name, one that might not even sound like a bank at all. A fresh start. A moniker with a manifesto behind it.

06 | Why did you choose the name Field & Main?

A field taps into a shared, unspoken sense of place that we all have. It’s fence and farm, garden and grove. It’s parks and playgrounds. Valley and values. And what the field is to the land, a community’s main street is to the town. Main is the cornerstone and center. It’s peerless and primary. It’s always been here, and represents stability and permanence. This bank, then, is an essential fixture in the community. It’s everything that makes life better. It is the essence of the region and the center of the community. The warmth and personality of the land blended with a vision for being relevant in modern times.

07 | When will the two banks merge?

We anticipate that the proposed merger will be finalized in January 2015. At that time, the banks’ names will change to Field & Main Bank.

08 | What will this change mean for me?

Nothing is changing in regards to your accounts right now, and we will be communicating about any changes prior to the conversion in January. As part of the benefits of this merger, you can expect a renewed commitment to service coming your way and a more modern approach to meeting your needs. After our name change in January, you will need to visit www.fieldandmain.com to be able to log into your online banking account. As we finalize the merger, we will be converting accounts in the first quarter of 2015 and will communicate all of the details to you 30 days in advance. Our goal is to make this transition seamless for you, with a service experience unlike any other.

09 | What else do I need to know?

Now banking is something that can get you places, connect you with supportive partners, reward you in a personal way and make a difference in the success of your dreams. Life has led you and us to this moment, this place, these people, these ideas and these beliefs that make us feel unique. Together, let’s explore the possibilities of modern craft banking.

10 | What if I have questions?

Please email us at info@fieldandmainbank.com or contact us:
Scott Davis, Ohio Valley Financial Group, (270) 831-1584 and Dale Sights, BankTrust Financial, (270) 631-1031.

11 | What now?

Explore our microsite at www.fieldandmain.com. Get to know us by reading our press releases or watching our brand vision video. You’ll see that Field & Main is a completely new idea in modern craft banking that you’re certain to love.

F I E L D  &  M A I N

It is the essence of thoughtful VALUES
and the center of the progress.
blended with a VISION
for being RELEVANT in modern times.
Life has led you to this moment, this place.
Field & Main
Modern Craft Banking